PRE Results Report

Simulation Platform for IFC Based Technologies and Solutions


The goals in BIMCity workpackage were:

  • A common operation environment for databases in the land use planning and construction: Kunta-GML, KRYSP, BIMCon and SADe.
  • To consolidate the information models in building control, city planning and collaboration between project parties
  • To develop information exchange and interaction between owners, authorities and inhabitants
  • To create a platform for services for construction and land use planning
  • To visualise information models: the use of virtual reality and augmented reality

The key results of BIMCity

Virtual environment, social media and augmented reality were piloted extensively in use cases from real ongoing planning projects. The use of opportunities yielded a number of conference papers and presentations. Virtual methods were tested in several pilots and processes. Augmented reality pilots have already led to commercial business.

The conceptualization and piloting of Information models in building control and technical design and planning generated thesis reports and practical pilot use cases (City of Järvenpää and FCG). Information needs of different partners and process phases were clarified in workshops. The results have already implemented in operation modes and collaborative planning.

Parametric land use planning was tested in case Sibbesborg and regional environmental information for planning was produced in two bachelor reports. Parametric land use planning methods, based on data models, still need further conceptualization and piloting.


Figure 10 Planning levels in BIMCity pilot projects

BIMCity industrial and research partners

  • FCG Finnish Consulting Group (project leader)
  • WSP
  • Solibri
  • Vianova
  • AX Konsultit
  • Micro Aided Design Ltd
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Tampere University of Technology
  • VTT