PRE Results Report
Result- Workpackage

BIM and Building Permit Practices – Case Tampere

The program defined the building permit process of city of Tampere and Tampere’s supervision of building office were given suggestions on how to enhance their building permit process. The possibility to use an electrified building permit is now being examined in the building supervision office and it is expected that city of Tampere is aiming to procure an electric permit service in the near fut... [Read More]

BIM Process Model for Dredging Works

A new unique Infra BIM based process model has been developed for dredging industry.  The process model can be utilized worldwide in all of the dredging works and projects.... [Read More]

BIM-based Design of Asphalt Paving Helps to Optimize the Procedures and Reduce Total Costs

Adding the BIM-based designing phase to the paving process offers numerous opportunities to employ new methods and principles compared to the traditional paving approach.... [Read More]

Education Sector Pushing InfraBIM to Practice

Results of the study indicate that infrastructure sector transition to the BIM based environment cannot be expressed without development of education sector. Industry participation and contribution are key to the development of quality of the BIM education. In future, the InfraBIM education can be noteworthy export service and a new way of education.... [Read More]

Enhancing BIM Process Between Designing and Construction in Civil Engineering

Machine control has been part of work sites for several years, used in parallel with traditional building methods. Advantages of machine control and using BIM have been undisputed. Our near future target is adopt use of BIM comprehensively in our construction projects. For contributing this target we have done our own researches, pilot projects and took part to national development projects.... [Read More]

Improved Efficiency and Process Change in Infra Construction Projects

Pilot projects developed utilization purposes for BIM, clarified the precision levels of modelling, and confirmed that obtained efficiency benefits are significant. Modelling guidelines were created as a practical guide using experiences from all pilot parties. New operation modes and tools will be developed in the future steered by the project level modelling needs.... [Read More]

Industry Wide Procedures for Common Model-based Processes

Development and implementation of guidelines, classifications and data transfer standards supporting information modelling. The first industry wide steps taken in the systemic change: transition towards information management and model-based operations. Key procedures will set the direction towards common model-based process and business for the whole infrastructure development industry.... [Read More]

Intelligent Road Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Planning

Using BIMs can be divided in tree procedures in road maintenance process. First procedure is similar to a typical BIM process when building new infrastructure. Second one is maintenance sectors’ own model for to handle one maintenance site or even whole road network. The third procedure is to know, how to store and use, during maintenance phases, the InfraBIM data produced when designing and con... [Read More]