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Result- Workpackage

Building Information Management as Linked Data

Linked Data technologies enable Web-based, distributed, and interlinked management of building information models in a manner conforming to the fragmented and loosely coupled nature of building projects. Cross-model linking can be used to support advanced cross-enterprise workflows; moreover, the approach enables the connection to/from external data sources on the Web. While more work is needed, t... [Read More]

Change Detection in BIM Models – Computing Diffs Between Versions

Efficient change management requires a capability to detect what has changed from one model version to another. This is very difficult with IFC models since they largely consist of anonymous entities that do not have GUIDs. The problem remains when IFC models are converted to RDF but the uniform graph structure allow to solve it by creating unique names for anonymous nodes based on their unique en... [Read More]

Opening BIM to the Web – IFC-to-RDF Conversion Software

BIM can be brought to the Web by converting IFC models into RDF graphs. The models become accessible from the Web, they can be processed and queried in more flexible ways, and they can be interlinked using the Linked Data technologies. Bringing BIM to Web enables it to take advantage of the fast evolution of the Web and the emerging services and data sources.... [Read More]

Principles of Cross-Model Linking

A detailed walkthrough of a use case of cross-model linking was carried in the DRUM work package. The focus was on three models created of a minimal ‘building’ consisting of a wall, door, two pipes, and a duct. The analysis of the use case produced a set of principles for cross-model linking that will guide the future development of systems that generate, maintain and utilize cross-model links... [Read More]

The Use of Electronic Document Management and Information Modeling in Building Supervision

Master of Engineering Thesis made for Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is focusing on electric handling of building permitting process utilizing e.g. BIM files in automated code checking.... [Read More]

Workflow Collaboration in a Distributed Model Environment

DRUM project is focused on how to share information and models between participants during a building project. Currently, sharing and communicating has been informal and unreliable based upon sharing files and various forms of messages. The idea of DRUM is that each building component from a distributed partial model can be monitored using it’s own unique identifier. These identifiers are us... [Read More]