PRE Results Report
Success Stories

Optimized space management can be a hot export product

Mobile knowledge work has revolutionized the principles and practices of facility management. The New Wow work package of the PRE program examined the impacts of change as well as created new tools that allow increasingly effective and productive use of facilities. The driver company of the work package, Rapal Oy, exploits this new knowledge through […]

Safer Construction Through BIM

BIM-based design improves considerably the safety of a building over its life cycle – from the construction phase to the maintenance of the occupied building. When standards and regulations are defined by programs, inspection and design may in the future be automatic at all phases of work, says Research Scientist  Kristiina Sulankivi at VTT Technical […]

Knotworking boosts decision-making and productivity

The BIM-based knotworking model tested in pilot projects can boost construction sector productivity and project management considerably. It allows resolving conflicts effectively even before they erupt and selecting the most clever plan or mode of operation from a larger number of options. Knotworking has already been adopted by many sectors to bring together the parties […]

INFRAMODEL 3 Data Exhange Format Will Come into General Use

Inframodel is an open data exchange format based on the international LandXML standard developed in Finland. The Finnish Transport Agency will require use of Inframodel 3 (IM3) in all its projects launched after May 1, 2014. Large Finnish cities also aim to introduce Inframodel 3 this year. A uniform content for the latest version of […]

BIM Based Management of Road Networks Improves Efficiency

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be divided in three procedures in road maintenance process. First procedure is similar to a typical BIM process when building new infrastructure. Second one is maintenance sectors’ own model for to handle one maintenance site or even whole road network. The third procedure is to know, how to store […]

Web Technology Opens a Whole New Market for Information Management

According to latest research, the most practical and productive way to benefit from building information modeling is to combine the process with web technologies based on linked data. Building information modeling and management are no longer considered a process of centralizing all building-related data to a single model but rather a distributed, linked network of […]

By Means of BIM Radical Improvements to Productivity, Quality and Safety

The main objective of BIMCON work package was to develop a comprehensive product data management procedure for industrialized construction process that is based on usage of building information model (BIM) for common data management in the supply chains. The general aim was to encourage the construction branch to adopt rapidly ICT in construction supply networks. […]

The Citizen Portal Speeds up Zoning and Regional Planning

Regional planning, which affects all of us, is often agonizingly slow and far removed from the citizens’ sphere of influence. The BIMCity work package of the PRE program presages a major change in that respect. New social media applications and visualization methods like ”augmented reality” turn citizens from subjects of interaction into participants and move […]

Future Building Information Models Are Managed on the Web

Finnish BIM-related DRUM research has resulted in a concept that enables linking building information models and sharing the information online quickly and on time. The new distributed way of working is better suited to match the distributed organization model of construction projects and will reduce design errors.