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BIM is Revolutionizing Construction Practices with Finland Leading the Way

The just finished PRE program of RYM Oy, the SHOK company for the built environment, strengthens Finland’s position as the global leader in BIM (Building Information Management) research and introduction. BIM can improve construction quality, productivity and customer service radically.

The PRE (Built Environment Process Re-Engineering) program carried out in 2010–2014 involved 37 companies and 6 research institutes. With support from Tekes, they invested a total of about € 21.8 million in the development of new BIM (Building Information Management) based procedures and business models.

Significant results were achieved in the development of technologies and concepts supporting open BIM-based cooperation models and distributed management and sharing of information. The globally pioneering research by Tekla and Aalto University was made in this field of development.

Requirements, instructions and a data transfer format for modeling were created for the infrastructure sector, all of which together speed up the breakthrough of BIM. BIM-based tools and processes were also developed and tested in practice which can improve supply chain management and work safety considerably in every kind of construction processes.

An interactive operational model based on ”knotworking” was created in cooperation with the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at University of Helsinki and the SimLab of Aalto University to enable effective utilization of BIM at the most important phases of construction management, design and building.

BIM allows more effective land use planning, visualization of design solutions and zoning. The BIMCITY research projects included various city modeling experiments and used augmented reality tools in the visualization of design alternatives.

Mobile work has transformed the principles and practices of work environment management. The NewWoW work package studied the impacts of the change and created new tools for improved efficiency and productivity of offices. The driver company of the work package, Rapal Oy, is taking advantage of this cutting-edge know-how in its rapidly growing US subsidiary.

The program consists of six thematic work packages (driver company in parentheses):

  1. Model Nova – Use of BIM during property´s life cycle from the owner´s perspective (Senate Properties)
  2. NewWOW – Changing nature and requirements of knowledge work and their impact on management of an organization and spaces (Rapal Oy)
  3. BIMCON – BIM-based product data management in the delivery chain of industrialized building (Skanska Oy)
  4. DRUM – Entity data models and standards (Tekla Oyj)
  5. Infra FINBIM – Future innovation-based delivery chain of the infra sector (VR Track Oy)
  6. BIMCity – Platform for dissemination, evaluation and development of community-level built environment digital models (FCG Oy)

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RYM Oy has been dissolved and the site will no longer be maintained by AE Partners. You can download the project report as a pdf file. It contains all the project descriptions.