Indoor Environment Results Report

A Living Lab Study of Pipe Material Migration and Biofilm Formation

Complex interactions existing between water distribution systems’ materials and water can cause a reduction in the water quality as well as unwanted changes in the materials, i.e. aging or corrosion of the materials and formation of biofilms on surfaces. Substances leaching from the pipe materials and water fittings, as well as the microbiological quality of water and formation of biofilms were ... [Read More]

Activity based office for Aalto University

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) is moving from Arabia to Ota-niemi, the main campus of Aalto University. In 2013-14 the School instigated a work-place development project that involved staff and students. The aim was to conceptual-ize the future office space and implement it in the new building.... [Read More]

Adequately designed open-plan office improves work performance

Open-plan office has become the most usual office solution. However, many studies have shown several disadvantages if the design of the indoor environment (IE) is inadequate. Poor acoustic conditions are the most commonly mentioned cause for these problems but also improper thermal conditions and poor air quality have been reported as producing discomfort. Only a few studies have focused on the ef... [Read More]

Automatic analysis of BMS to reveal the energy savings potential

The traditional building management systems are often incapable of detecting impaired performance of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, so noticing and fixing the performance errors is up to the skill and motivation of the operator. The research examined the implementation of tool (Building Analytics) offering automatic analysis to the work of Schneider Electric´s eService... [Read More]

Better indoor environment utilizing transferred air and natural ventilation

Transferred air can be a good option for improving the indoor air conditions of learning spaces. The idea is to transfer air from slightly occupied rooms to rooms having a large number of students. This can be realized by natural ventilation and transfer air openings or by transfer air blowers.... [Read More]

BIM and BACS based solution for analysing performance problems in building

IEQ problems have a big impact on people’s well-being and working efficiency but how to detect, locate, analyse and visualise these problems. VTT has developed one concept and related modern Internet technologies based prototype solution for that. The solution is demonstrated in several big online connected buildings and it is based on a new Building Information Models (BIM) and Building Automat... [Read More]

Brand new solar energy laboratory MetroSol fulfills international standards

Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy resources. Solutions relating to solar energy increase energy security and enhance sustainability. So far there has not been internationally reliable test laboratory for solar energy solutions in Finland. Now situation has changed and a brand new laboratory offers unique test environment for different types of solar panels and collectors.... [Read More]

Campus design can draw ideas from cities

The study offers a new perspective for the campus development by analysing campuses as cities and providing scenarios, how the qualities of a city can be applied to campus design. The study provides deeper understanding about the spatial structure of modernist campuses as well as insight into original principles of the campus design solutions.... [Read More]