Indoor Environment Results Report
Success Stories

Granlund Optimizing Tool Wins Energy Insight Award

The optimizing tool for construction projects developed by Granlund Ltd won shared first prize in the 2014 Energy Insight Competition. The optimizing tool has been developed as part of the RYM Pre program.  Buildings consume a significant share of energy in Finland, and many solutions deriving from their design have an impact on energy consumption. […]

The HTM ModelReveals Huge Differences in People’s Thermal Sensations

The Human Thermal Model (HTM) developed by the VTT Indoor Environment research program provides unprecedented accuracy in simulating the interaction between the human body and its environment. Identification of the thermal sensations typical of different user groups enables designing buildings that are both energy efficient and best suited for their users. The research has focused […]

The Smart Space is Reality

The Tampere Unit for Human-Computer Interaction (TAUCHI) at University of Tampere which studies the interaction between man and technology, has created the SimSpace for developing new technologies. The space, originally intended for demonstration use, has quickly gained popularity also as a product development and test space among sector companies and other actors. The Indoor Environment […]

Participatory Design Leads to Sustainable Result

  An indoor environment design model has been developed within the framework of the Indoor Environment Program. The different parties from designers to space users participate in the related workshops at every phase of the project. This Human&Green operational model produces an indoor environment that is energy efficient and promotes wellbeing. Mere improvement of the […]

The scientific results of Indoor Environment Program spread through top-tier scientific publication channels

The Indoor Environment Program has produced more than 200 published scientific articles since 2011. According to recent analysis, the scientific results of the program have spread through leading scientific publication channels. – Indoor Environment Program (IE) collaborative and multidisciplinary. Our program performance metrics and recent results scanning show that program results address the original research […]

RYM Award 2014 goes to Professor Kirsti Lonka

Kirsti Lonka, Professor of Educational Psychology at University of Helsinki, was the recipient of the RYM Award 2014. She and her research team have introduced world-class behavioral science and pedagogical expertise into the development and planning of different learning environments. – We understand learning environments broadly since learning should take place everywhere: in schools and […]

Knowledge-based property management increases property values

Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj (L&T) has been developing an energy management center for property management within the framework of the Indoor Environment Program. This knowledge-based solution not only saves energy but also increases the value of a property: a 25 percent reduction in energy consumption translates into a 7 percent rise in value. Good indoor […]

Sustainable energy-use guide: Ask, observe and enable learning learn

  Schneider Electric’s energy management training programs received media visibility in Finland and the rest of Europe last year. The company’s Energy University, a free online educational program designed to enhance knowledge of sustainability and energy efficiency, achieved first place in the Learning Category for the 2014 Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Award. The game-like LEARNergy […]

RYM Results Attracted Attention and Were Praised in Copenhagen

The results of various RYM research programs (Indoor Environment, PRE and EUE) were illustrated from many aspects in a refreshing manner in Copenhagen at the CIB Conference whose theme was “Using Facilities in an Open World – Creating Value for All Stakeholders” from May 21–23, 2014. Experientialism interests Architect Sari Tähtinen, who defended her doctoral […]

Energy Efficiency and Good Indoor Environment Boost Property Values Considerably

A study of the Indoor Environment Program indicated that energy efficiency and good indoor environment increase the value of a property 10 percent compared to the standard building: the utilization rate of the premises may be 10 percent and the rent level 5 percent higher. Moreover, the life-cycle maintenance costs of the property are lower […]

The Scientific Results of the Indoor Environment Program Impress and Impact

We can be satisfied with the results of the Indoor Environment Program launched in 2011 as the program is drawing to a close. It had produced a little over 200 scientific articles by the end of June – a third being journal articles in recognized international scientific journals and the rest conference articles featuring new […]

Cooperation Across SHOK Boundaries Benefits All

Efforts are underway to make cooperation between SHOK’s more efficient. The joint event of RYM Oy’s Indoor Environment Program and CLEEN Oy’s MMEA Program in Otaniemi in November showed that the parties have many things in common and all can benefit from them. – The programs have many common elements. As both programs will end […]