Indoor Environment Results Report
About the Indoor Environment Program

The Indoor Environment Program

Indoor Environment Program creates solutions that promote productivity, comfort and health of space user in an ecologically sustainable way. The focus areas are user-centric spaces, energy efficient management, revenue models for good indoor environments, and design and implementation of inspiring learning environments. The program explores with an open mind new markets in indoor environments of the future.

The Program realizes the strategic research agenda through far-reaching, collaborative and multidisciplinary research work done jointly by companies, universities and research institutes. The companies partaking in the program explore with an open mind new markets in indoor environments of the future which people enter to get invigorated and increase their wellbeing.

The work packages (driver companies in parentheses):

  1. User-Centric Indoor Environment (Halton)
  2. Energy Efficient Control of Indoor Environment (Schneider-Electric)
  3. Business Logic of Knowledge Intensive Space Markets (Newsec)
  4. Future Learning Environments (University Properties of Finland Ltd)

Indoor Environment Program